Check Out The Updated Vespa GTS

MotoItalia boss Willy Tee Ten and Vespa Phils. Gen. Manager. Rafael Rapi present the latest addition to the Vespa family.


With traffic getting so bad nowadays, one would think it is good to have a small motorbike. But with the proliferation of cheap scooters and underbones, many would be riders get turned off because of the notoriety of these two-wheeled community, especially the way they drive around town.

Some friends tell me they are looking for an affordable small bike that fits their lifestyle and standards (their words not mine).

In comes Piaggio Vespa, the Italian scooter that has been at the forefront of motorbike fashion since, well, motorbikes and fashion were invented.


The Vespa is very popular in the country and quite a number of gated communities (subdivions) have them scooting around their streets. It used to be that this was the favorite of the higher middle class to upper class because not only was it stylish, it is also a bit pricey.

But see, the Vespa’s are made of steel body, sports the i-get engine technology, has the “Start and Stop System”, a more informative instrument screen and yes, that mandatory attachment needed by all millenials, a USB port near the the leg shield.

It can also do a remote opening of the saddle by remote control and a Bike Finder, so very convenient to identify one’s Vespa in a crowded car park, thanks to the flashing turn lights.


The Vespa GTS 150 – powered by a 155.1 cc single cylinder four stroked engine is Italian made and will set you back some P245,00.

The Vespa GTS 300, a 278.3 cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder, four valve Quasar engine with electronic injection, meanwhile, that is sourced from Vietnam, got a little more affordable at P345,000 (cheaper by P20,000 from P365,000).



Yes, it is not cheap. It is also not that expensive. It is fashionable though. And it rides very well too.

I should know, I own own one.