Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT Upgraded with New Safety Features


Mitsubishi Motors Philippines has upgraded the 2017 Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT with a throng of safety features to make it more safer and enjoyable to drive. The array of new safety features includes the Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM) system, Blind Spot Warning (BSW) System, Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) Body, 7SRS Airbags, Hill Descent Control (HDC), and Hill Start Assist (HAS).

The collision avoidance system or FCM is a radar-based automatic emergency braking system that aids in reducing the severity of, and if possible, prevent collision, through visual and audible warning and assistive braking. When the system detects a ‘danger of collision,’ an audible alert sounds off and the brakes are charged in preparation for activation. When sensing a ‘high danger of collision’ the system sounds of louder alert and activates the brakes to slow down the vehicle. And when the system detects an ‘extremely high danger of collision,’ an audible alert is again sounded and the system activates the brakes to stop the vehicle.

Another new safety feature is the Blind Spot Warning system. Using ultrasonic sensors on the rear bumper, the system detects vehicles in the car’s blind spots, on the right and left sides. When a vehicle is detected, a warning indicator appears on the door mirror on that side.

Meanwhile, the impact of collision to occupants will be lessened with the use of the RISE Body. In case of a collision, the impact on passengers is reduced as the RISE body efficiently absorbs energy and maintains high cabin integrity.

Making the driving experience more enjoyable is the Hill Descent Control. This system enables the Montero Sport to crawl down safely of a steep descent without the driver having to step on the brakes to modulate the speed. Once activated, the Montero Sport maintains a safe speed during the downhill climb, while automatically engaging the brake system.

In addition to the lineup of new safety features, the upgraded Montero Sport GT is also equipped with Ultrasonic Misacceleration Mitigation System (UMS) and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) for a more confident drive.

The UMS helps prevent collisions while parking. This system sounds a buzzer and displays a warning if the front or rear sensors detect a nearby obstacle in your path. Engine output is also automatically controlled if you suddenly accelerate by accident.

The ACC on the other hand is a smart addition to the traditional cruise control system. When ACC is activated, it maintains your desired distance between you and the car ahead of you via radar without the stepping on the accelerator or brake pedal. This feature is perfect for reducing driver stress as it lends driving assistance and enhance driving comfort during highway cruising with traffic.

Performance, Looks and Comfort Beyond Compare

The 2017 Montero Sport is powered by the 2.4 liter 4N15 common rail direct injection diesel engine, which is more powerful and more fuel efficient than ever. To make the performance of Montero Sport even more superb, it is the only diesel engine equipped with a variable valve timing or Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control or MIVEC system.

The Montero Sport GT is also equipped with the best 4WD system. Mitsubishi Super Select 4WD-II with Off-road Mode Select offers four (4) drive settings and four (4) different terrain controls. Its Rear Differential Lock provides superior traction under extreme conditions which enables you to drive the Montero Sport GT even through the roughest terrain. This variant also features Mitsubishi Active Stability & Traction Control (M-ASTC) which manages engine output, power distribution and braking force to deliver improved vehicle control.

The unique exterior look of Montero Sport remains apt for its powerful and sophisticated vibe. Montero Sport GT is available in the following exterior colors: Savanna White, Sterling Silver Metallic, Virgil Gray, Deep Bronze Metallic, Sedona Red, Mystic Blue and Pyrenese Black.

While the engine and exterior look remains the same with the previous model year, the interior of this variant is made even more refined with its piano black finish. All the important features are conveniently placed to enhance the driving experience. Navigating through the instrument panel while driving has never been this easy and comfortable. To add to the extra refined touch, the 2017 Montero Sport GT is built with a luxurious black leather interior with 8-way power adjustable driver seat including the front passenger seat.

The 2017 Montero Sport GT is available at all MMPC dealership for a suggested retail price of P2,058,000. For a worry free ownership, MMPC backs it up with a three years or 100,000 kilometers warranty whichever comes first.

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