Piaggio APÉ: Versatile Business Partner

Piaggio APE – the versatile three-wheeled wonder. (photo by Edward Dangan)

Perfect for Filipinos who are in search of tough and reliable mobility for various functions, Autoitalia Philippines Ent., Inc. (APE Inc.), subsidiary of Motohub and a member of the Autohub Group of Companies, is proud to finally offer in the Philippines, the Piaggio APÉ.

The Piaggio APÉ, (ah-peh), which has the literal translation of honey bee in Italian, is a versatile three-wheel wonder from India that is set to aid small businesses’ logistical needs and the commuting of Filipinos. Inspired by the hardworking insect, Piaggio APÉ offers efficiency with its astounding list of advanced features.

Powered by a single cylinder, naturally aspirated air-cooled, direct injection 4-stroke diesel engine which displacement is at 435cc, Piaggio APÉ may have the smallest diesel engine in the world but this doesn’t stop this little marvel from hauling even a half ton of load which could be squeezed in to the tight and cramped Metro traffic by the Piaggio APÉ thanks to its 3145mm width.

Piaggio APE Xtra – Wing van configured APE, perfect as a cargo hauler. (photo by Edward Dangan)

Maneuvers are also a breeze with the APÉ’s reverse ability. Also this mighty three-wheeler can also take climbs of up to 22% gradient. Keeping up with its practical functions, the Piaggio APÉ is promised to be low on maintenance cost with only 30-36km/l on primary and secondary roads including highway runs. Another plus factor of the APÉ is that it is classified as a Non-Polluting Vehicle which means that the Piaggio APÉ is not harming the environment even when running at full loading capacity.

Offering versatility according to its user’s needs, all Piaggio APÉ variants are fully customizable to fit on a specific use. Users may use different configurations on all APÉ models. Depending on the owner’s need, the Piaggio APÉ can be turned into mobile stores, transport vehicle, roving advertising material and so on! Like one’s imagination is the limit with the customization of an APÉ.

The mighty three-wheeled wonder exhibited as an ideal business partner. (photo by Edward Dangan)

The mighty Piaggio APÉ was launched in the Philippines by APE Inc. with the campaign “Arangkada Pinoy Entrepreneur” which offers unique business strategy for budding Filipino entrepreneurs and helping existing businesses in seeing their potential with transforming to mobile businesses.

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