Save fuel this summer with Michelin’s fuel saving tips


Now that summer is here, families will surely head for the beach or even the boonies with cooler weather to enjoy the long summer break. It is high time to be concerned with fuel consumption.

Can one make long trips and not worry about using up too much fuel? Michelin says yes. The reduction of fuel consumption is within the power and the control of motorists. They need only make a few changes in their driving habits.

This summer, beach-bound, hometown-headed and vacation-happy motorists taking long drives to their favorite destinations are reminded by Michelin Tires to:

  1. Drive at a constant speed. Avoid rapid stops and starts.
  2. Change gears between 2,000 to 2,500 RPM (gasoline-fed engines) to keep your engine speed as low as possible.
  3. Use air-conditioning sparingly, especially in the city.
  4. Keep windows closed at high speeds. On the highway, even one open window increases fuel consumption.
  5. Turn off the engine when the car is at a standstill; for example in a traffic jam or at a railway crossing, if it is safe to do so.
  6. Drive light. Extra weight increases fuel consumption and polluting emissions.
  7. Remove unused accessories like roof racks and luggage carriers, which create aerodynamic drag.
  8. Limit the use of electronics. Plug-in electrical appliances consume energy and fuel.

If one chooses to stay in the city during the hot summer months, there are some practical initiatives one can still take to save on fuel…

A) Make fewer trips

B) Avoid driving in the rush hour.

C) Don’t push the accelerator down too far.

D) Stick to the speed limit.

E) Check your tire pressure regularly and make sure the prescribed air pressure is in your tires. The lower the tire pressure, the more fuel it will consume to make it move down the road.


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